Sowparnika Life on the Green is one of the most affordable villa in Bangalore. If your budget is under 2 cr and you are looking for individual villa with all good amenities then it could be a really good option for you. Below are some of the amenities that make Life on the Green a good choice for your villa search.

There are two options in terms of plot sizes.

Sowparnika Life on the Green

Sowparnika Life on the Green

These villas were constructed with luxury and ease in mind, allowing owners to experience the perfect blend of modern life and the beauty of nature. The 30×40 west Facing Villa provides an unmatched panorama of the stunning sunset that is visible throughout the entire villa.

The vast windows and elegant design of these villas allows sunlight to flood in creating a tranquil atmosphere that gives you a feeling of tranquility.

As you walk into these villas you’ll immediately be welcomed by the warm atmosphere designed to offer a large living space and world-class amenities.

The luxurious bedrooms, contemporary kitchen and lavish bathrooms are only a few of the many highlights of this magnificent property. Each element has been thoughtfully considered we’ve created a space that is unlike any other. Explore your new residence in our luxurious development and enjoy the best in luxurious living.

Relax in the lush greenery surrounding this magnificent villa. It offers the residents a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. The design is focused on comfort and luxury the villas offer the most luxurious living experience.

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With plenty of living space, modern amenities, and an incredibly attentive care for every each and every detail, this house is a masterpiece of style. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in your luxurious bedroom or cooking in your contemporary kitchen, or admiring the stunning views, the 30x 50-West Facing Villa promises to offer you the best in luxury living. Enjoy a life that truly is exceptional.

Our 7,800 square feet of recreational space invites you to relax and take part in a variety of rejuvenating activities. It is a great place to soak in a peaceful ambience that calms your soul and improves your mood as you take a look at the diverse amenities of this delightful club.

We strive to build a community in which you can unwind and have fun while you meet new people. This is why we provide an array of activities to suit individuals of any age and interest.

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